2013 National Christmas Tree

“Visions of Sugar Plums…”

GE high efficiency LED lights provide a colorful, twinkling design for the National Christmas Tree

This is the 51st year that GE has provided the design and lights for the National Christmas Tree. The lighting design this year showcases some of the latest LED holiday lighting technology, featuring great color, some animation and, of course, energy efficiency.

As in the past four years, LED lights have been used exclusively to light the National Christmas Tree. Round sugar plum lights in bright, traditional multi-colors provide the festive overall lighting. Typically, lighted ornaments are part of the overall design concept. This year, a garland, comprised of warm white twinkling 7-inch LED spherical ornaments, provides visual interest during the day, and dramatic light movement at night. The heirloom star-shaped topper was rebuilt this year, and is illuminated with commercial Tetra®MAX LED signage product.

“LED technology continues to evolve and improve, allowing for more creativity in all areas of lighting design while enhancing energy efficiency, extending life and streamlining installation. GE is very proud to be part of this great tradition and to be able to bring new technology into the design,” said Mary Beth Gotti, Manager of then GE Lighting Institute in Cleveland, Ohio.

This year’s lighting design includes approximately 110 LED net lights and 225 LED string sets – all Energy Star® qualified, and 265 LED spherical ornaments. The total wattage is about 5700 watts – that’s about an 80% energy savings compared to incandescent holiday lights. To put that in perspective, the environmental impact of this energy savings is the avoidance of burning about one ton of coal, and an almost 5700-pound reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.