2016 National Christmas Tree

Presenting the 2016 National Christmas Tree: A Shining Salute to America

For the past 54 years, GE has provided the lighting for the National Christmas Tree. In honor of our patriotism and love for our country, GE Lighting designed the 2016 National Christmas Tree with red, white and blue lights, sprinkled with stars cascading down the tree, using the latest LED holiday lighting products.

This is the 8th consecutive year that LED lights have been used exclusively to light the National Christmas Tree. Cool white, micro style background lights give way to custom designed sugarplum shaped lights shining bright for our country in opaque red, white and blue. Complementing the sugarplum lights, recycled star ornaments gleam bright in cool white, gently cascading from the top of the tree creating a falling star illusion. These repurposed ornaments were used on last year’s National Christmas Tree in celebration of the National Park’s 100th year anniversary. And no tree is complete without a topper. The heirloom star-shaped topper, with commercial Tetra® Max LED signage product, illuminates the tree from the top down—celebrating the season and our country.

“Light impacts our emotions and evokes personal memories. The National Christmas Tree is a cherished tradition, and with the advancements in LED lighting, innovative designs can be presented each year to create new memories. These advancements also give us an opportunity to utilize energy efficient and lighter weight options, helping to conserve resources and preserve this living tree,” said Shelli Sedlak, LC, LEED AP®, Manager of the GE Lighting Institute at Nela Park, Cleveland, Ohio.

This year’s lighting design includes approximately 310 LED cool white micro style lights and 350 red, white, and blue LED string sets – all Energy Star® qualified – and roughly 300 recycled star ornaments. The total wattage is around 7500 watts. The total cost to light this tree over the holiday season, from dusk to about 10:00 P.M. every night, is under $200. That is about 1/5 of what a comparable design would be with incandescent lights. In terms of environmental impact, using LEDs saves 7000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, and would avoid burning about two tons of coal.

The National Christmas Tree is lit every day from approximately 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. as part of the America Celebrates display at President’s Park (White House). This display is free to visit and open to the public from 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Friday, December 2, through Thursday, January 1. The walkway surrounding the National Christmas Tree features 56 state and territory trees decorated with handmade ornaments that are unique to each tree.