Christmas Pathway Of Peace


Every year one-of-a-kind ornaments are made by ordinary Americans, representing every U.S. state, territory and the District of Columbia. Artists and volunteers have given their time and talents to design and create ornaments that symbolize the history, heritage and culture of their homelands. The Pathway of Peace around the National Christmas Tree is free and open to visitors starting the week of December 15, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, through January 1.

Alabama Alabama
Alaska Alaska
Arizona Arizona
Arkansas Arkansas
California California
Colorado Colorado
Connecticut Connecticut
Delaware Delaware
District of Columbia District of Columbia
Florida Florida
Guam Guam
Hawaii Hawaii
Illinois Illinois
Iowa Iowa
Kansas Kansas
Kentucky Kentucky
Louisiana Louisiana
Maryland Maryland
Minnesota Minnesota
Mississippi Mississippi
Missouri Missouri
Nebraska Nebraska
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Jersey New Jersey
New Mexico New Mexico
New York New York
North Dakota North Dakota
Northern Marianas Northern Marianas
Ohio Ohio
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oregon Oregon
Rhode Island Rhode Island
South Carolina South Carolina
South Dakota South Dakota
Tennessee Tennessee
Utah Utah
Virginia Virginia
West Virginia West Virginia
Wisconsin Wisconsin