UL Wishes You a Safe and Bright Holiday

UL Wishes You a Safe and Bright HolidayULLOGO11

Holidays are meant for celebrating. This holiday season, UL celebrates your family’s safety.

For over 100 years, UL has been advancing safety science, developing standards and providing testing and certification services across more than 19,000 product categories. From testing everyday products in our labs to certifying sustainability in the future, we continually innovate the very definition of safety. You can find more than 125 of our trusted UL marks in the average American home and our educational offerings and programs reach millions worldwide.

To help protect the ones you love this season, we encourage you to follow a few simple tips:

  • Water your tree daily
  • Always blow out unattended candles
  • Look for the UL Mark on lights and decorations

Celebrate your loved ones this holiday season and help keep them safe. For more information, please watch our safety video and visit the UL consumer website.