America Celebrates: Ornaments from Across the USA in 2021

Each One a Work of Art

Every year one-of-a-kind ornaments are made by ordinary Americans, representing every U.S. state, territory and the District of Columbia. These artists give their time and talents to design and create ornaments that symbolize the history, heritage and culture of their homelands. The America Celebrates display, which surrounds the National Christmas Tree, is free and open to visitors throughout December.

If you are a teacher interested in having your school participate, please click here.

Lit Christmas trees line a path leading to the White House, decorated for the holidays

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Learn about some of the 2021 ornaments in the gallery below:
2021 Alabama Ornament


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McAdory High School – Students of McAdory High School showcased Alabama’s natural beauty and iconic symbols through our ornament designs. Many students focused on state icons such as the Camellia, the Longleaf Pine, the Northern Flicker/Yellow Hammer, the Black Bear, and the crimson cross of Alabama’s state flag. “The Vulcan” of downtown Birmingham is represented in various designs. This city symbol of Birmingham is the largest cast iron statue in the world and well known in our community. Other sites such as “The Wharf” of Orange Beach and the Clanton Peach iconically influence the seashore and the skyline of our home in Alabama.

2021 Arkansas Ornament


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Virtual Arkansas – Welcome to Arkansas, the Natural State! This collection takes full advantage of our state nickname. From bees, butterflies, and flowers to diamonds, rivers, and wildlife, our artists wish to show you many of the things that make Arkansas special. This collection represents an exceptionally diverse cross-section of the Natural State’s most valuable resource: our students. Virtual Arkansas serves public school students from all corners of our state. This collection was created by students in grades 7-12 from ten different Arkansas public schools through their online Virtual Arkansas art classes. They are excited to share their home with you!

2021 Northern Mariana Islands Ornament

Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands

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Dandan Middle School – Ornament designs symbolizes the beauty of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Dandan Middle School’s students incorporated latte stones honoring the ancient Chamorro history and cultural heritage of the islands’ first inhabitants. The mwáár (head garland) represents the Carolinian culture whose people made significant contributions to CNMI history. The sakman canoe represents seafaring and navigation traditions which led Chamorro and Carolinian ancestors to these beautiful islands. The flora and fauna’s vibrant colors are highlighted through flame trees, plumerias, and the Marianas fruit dove (Tottot—the official bird of the CNMI.)

2021 Florida Ornament


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Osceola High School – The students from Osceola High School are excited to represent the great state of Florida! We’re located in Kissimmee, Florida, the heart of Disney World and Universal Studios and we’re aware of all the fun to be had in the area! The Space Coast is a short drive away and we can literally view shuttle launches from our backyard. For our artwork, we were inspired by all the beauty that surrounds us in the natural world, from the beaches and springs to the fragrant orange groves. We used watercolor, colored pencil, and acrylic paint to make our artwork.

2021 Idaho Ornament


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Idaho Arts Charter School – At IACS, we value individualized artistic engagement. This project posed an amazing opportunity for our community of young artists to represent Idaho using their own individual styles. Students enrolled in Art 1, Art 2, and Studio Art submitted designs representing various state elements, such as: our state flower, bird, fossil, fruit, and note-worthy destinations, using a variety of mediums including colored pencil, water color, and digital art. I always encourage my students to participate in opportunities which allow them to share their artwork with the world. You never know how that can benefit their life path as an artist. Enjoy!

2021 Kansas Ornament


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Blue Valley and Most Pure Heart of Mary – Fourth-grade students from Most Pure Heart of Mary in Topeka and middle school students from Leawood Middle School in the Blue Valley School District created vibrant images, highlighting the rolling hills, agriculture, and wildlife of our state for their ornaments. To prepare for this unique opportunity, students welcomed a speaker from the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism who provided inspiration and research materials. After sketching a rough draft, each student chose the artistic material they felt was best suited to capture state symbols such as our state seal and iconic architecture from Kansas to create the final designs.

2021 Maryland Ornament


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Manchester Valley High School – Students were inspired by researching Maryland icons and state symbols. They were delighted to discover many of the official state symbols not commonly known. We discussed using our recognizable flag as design support. They located images of interest and were encouraged to create clean illustrations for the ornament. Students enjoyed the process and were honored that their school was chosen to participate in this annual tradition.

2021 Mississippi Ornament


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Ida B. Wells APAC – The Mississippi ornaments were created by 8th-12th grade visual art students at Ida B. Wells APAC (Academic & Performing Arts Complex). After participating in group brainstorming sessions, students researched their selected theme & created an original design using pencil, markers, or colored pencils. Each ornament represents a small piece of what makes Mississippi beautiful. Themes include Walter Anderson, the Blues, Eudora Welty, Mississippi Delta, the state flag, state animals like white tail deer, catfish, honeybee, & mockingbirds, Grammy Museum, Brandy, Biloxi lighthouse, Windsor ruins, Mississippi Museum of Art, Jim Henson, & the Natchez Trace.

Nevada 2021 Ornament


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William E. Ferron Elementary – Fourth grade students at our school contributed to the America Celebrates Ornament project. They were very excited to participate because they had just finished researching about our state and recently learned about our state symbols. Many students wanted to create artwork about our state bird, animal, reptile, fish, insect, tree or plant. Other students wanted to depict a landscape or a landmark from the state of Nevada.

2021 New York Ornament

New York

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Marlboro High School – Members of Marlboro Art Club, grades 9-12 created ornaments to represent New York State. Students looked up information and symbols that represent the state of New York to include in their designs. We are located 90 minutes north of New York City in the Hudson Valley. The valley is full of beautiful creatures and amazing apple orchards.

2021 Oklahoma Ornament


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Glenpool High School – The Oklahoma ornaments were created by Glenpool High School’s Advanced Art Classes & National Art Honor Society members. The students choose to use symbolic images emblematic to the great state of Oklahoma, such as those of Native Americans, the Scissortail bird, Rosa rose, Indian Blanket wild flower, Black Swallowtail butterfly, and the American Buffalo. Some created pieces which included state monuments such as the Golden Driller or Wind Turbines, Oil Pumpers & Derricks, representing the years of oil & wind industry contributed by the state. The artist’s also emphasized the beautiful sunsets that are painted naturally across their state’s skies.

2021 Rhode Island Ornament

Rhode Island

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Mary E. Fogarty Elementary School – Students from Ms. Nora’s 5th grade class completed this years’ ornaments to represent Rhode Island. We are located in the suburbs of the city of Providence with diverse learning communities. Approximately 68% of our students are Latinx, 15% Black, 6.5% White, 4% Asian, 5.5% Multi-racial and 1% Native American. Approximately 31% of students are multilingual learners and these young artist experiences shine through their art. Inspiration came from what our “Ocean State” offers for our students including the State flower, tree, bird and beautiful views of light houses and views of their own homes. We used art media including color pencils, watercolor brushes, and ink pens.

2021 Tennessee Ornament


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West Middle School – Tennessee is divided into three parts: West, Middle, and East Tennessee. My art students are a combination art club and a few current art students who created an ornament. They picked a symbol of Tennessee from a photograph to draw from and colored it with washable markers. They outlined with a black Sharpie and rounded all the edges to make it look like stained glass. They also used a brush with water to create a watercolor effect. The stained glass style represents that Tennessee is divided into three parts but is unified and works together as one state.

2021 Virginia Ornament


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Binford Middle School – Binford Middle School is located in Richmond, Virginia and serves students in grades 6-8. These ornament designs are based on 8th grade student exploration of the prompt “What makes Virginia beautiful?” Many agreed that it was Virginia’s natural beauty that they found most beautiful about our state, to some it was sports and the city they live in. Students collected digital images of places around Virginia that inspired them, and then selected their favorite images to recreate using their choice of watercolor, tempera paint, color pencil, graphite, or watercolor pencils.

2021 Alaska Ornament


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Ayaprun Elitnaurvik – For our ornaments the kids at Ayaprun Elitnaurvik in Bethel thought about all of the reasons they love Alaska and our home. A main theme throughout the ornaments is outdoors. In rural Alaska we are as much a part of the land as it is a part of us. You will see different elements from dog mushing, manaq (icefishing), the many animals: bears, moose, ptarmigan. As well as various plants such as: fireweed, salmonberries, blueberries. The kids are also incredibly proud of their heritage so you will see figures yuraqing (dancing) or other items such as cauyaqs (drums) and uluaqs (knifes).

BIE 2021 Ornament

Bureau of Indian Education

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Pine Springs Day School – Pine Springs Day School third and fourth graders were very enthused to complete the Christmas Ornament Project. We chose a theme of designing our ornaments based on our Navajo Nation geography and using our culture and tradition to share with all during the Season of Giving. Even as we have limited knowledge of our own culture, we would like to learn more. We have a rich unique culture with knowledge in weaving rugs, silversmith, raising livestock, storytelling, having a strong kinship with family ties, and re-learn our scared language.

2021 Connecticut Ornament


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Andover Elementary School – The 24 ornaments are from Andover Elementary School (Andover, CT). Connecticut may be the 3rd smallest state by land area, but immense with history and pride. Our first through sixth graders created scenes depicting Connecticut’s well-known bird, the American Robin, the Mountain Laurel flower, and the sperm whale. Many of these little works of art exhibit the Charter Oak tree, another of Connecticut’s living insignias. Our flag, flown in all of the eight counties waves the Latin motto translated as “he who transplanted still sustains”. Hartford’s skyscrapers are represented by one young artist, as is the 200-year-old fortress-like wall of Gillette Castle.

2021 Georgia Ornament


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Sequoyah Middle School – Art students from Sequoyah Middle School, located in the city of Doraville, Georgia, created ornament designs inspired by the natural beauty, architecture and attractions, history, and native flora and fauna of the state. These sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students were excited to be presented with the unexpected opportunity to represent their home and point of view on a national platform.

2021 Illinois Ornament


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Betty Shabazz International Charter School – Our 2nd grade scholars at Betty Shabazz International Charter School were excited to learn about Illinois. We live in Chicago and learned about urban, suburban, and rural communities that make up our state. We were especially thrilled to grow our knowledge about Springfield and learn about our state’s symbol-the Northern Cardinal. By researching images, we were inspired to draw and capture different landforms, foods, and people of our state. Our scholars took pride in learning that our state’s symbol was chosen in 1929 and was voted as the State Bird by schoolchildren!

2021 Kentucky Ornament


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Marion County High School – Students in the Fall semester Drawing and Painting class at Marion County High school were honored to create the ornaments for this year’s Kentucky tree. The class studied the Kentucky craft of traditional quilting and painting ornamental barn quilt squares. They incorporated quilt square patterns with Kentucky state symbols – the cardinal, goldenrod, tulip poplar, Kentucky spotted bass, viceroy butterfly, and gray squirrel – into a symmetrical design. The pieces were finished with the students’ choice of color pencil, markers, graphite, and paint. Each design is original and unique, much like the artists in the classroom.

2021 Massachusetts Ornament


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St. John Paul II Catholic Academy – We looked at what makes Massachusetts great. We researched landmarks and how Freedom all began here in MA. The students discovered that in MA so many “firsts” happened here…….. Freedom began here with the shot around the world, chocolate chip cookie, Basketball, oldest public school, oldest lighthouse, etc….. The students realize how lucky they are being born in such a Great Place! In addition, the students researched our National Parks and the importance of visiting both in person and virtually. During lunch they actually visit many now since this program. Thank you for opening our eyes!!!!

Missouri 2021 Ornament


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Owensville High School of Gasconade County R-2 Schools – Owensville High School’s Drawing class took the opportunity, during their colored pencil unit, to create these Missouri ornaments. They were inspired by our state’s beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and our history. From a fiddle playing bee to Jim the “wonder dog,” our students had fun finding and illustrating that our state holds a wonderous history. The rolling farmlands to the awe-inspiring arch give sight to the beauty that is Missouri.

2021 New Hampshire Ornament

New Hampshire

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Rundlett Middle School – These ornaments were created by students who are members of Rundlett Middle School’s chapter of the National Junior Art Honor Society in Concord, NH – the capital of the state of New Hampshire. Our group consists of twenty five 7th and 8th grade students who have a passion for the arts. We live in a naturally beautiful state which includes mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, rocky shores, ocean, cities and changes in seasons. Our students at RMS were inspired by the variety in our landscapes. Some focused on the season changes, while others were inspired by the natural elements of our state.

2021 North Carolina Ornament

North Carolina

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Alleghany County Schools – Our ornaments highlight the attributes of Alleghany County and the beauty of North Carolina. Featured on the ornaments are the state bird, state reptile, and the state flower. Also represented are animals and landscapes that show off the natural splendor of the land in which we live. Pride and honor are demonstrated through these works of art.

2021 Oregon Ornament


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Oregon School for the Deaf – Oregon School for the Deaf proudly represents our beautiful state with these designs, showcasing scenes in nature, color that inspires us, the animals and wildlife that we love, and the joy we feel. Deaf and hard of hearing students, ages 5-18, participated in this activity, and all are bilingual in English and ASL- American Sign Language!

2021 South Carolina Ornament

South Carolina

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Inman Elementary School – Seventeen students out of all of our third grade classes were selected to participate in the creation of the President’s Park ornaments. Third grade students studied landforms and we discussed the landforms and regions located in South Carolina. These students were very well aware of the east coast. Our students learned about the State House building located in Columbia, South Carolina. We looked at drawing lines and shapes to be able to draw the State House with pencils and outline our drawing with a black permanent marker. We used watercolor paint to add the color into our ornaments. The blue paint around the capitol represents the dark blue on the South Carolina state flag. Our students were able to understand the difference between the mountains and the piedmont region. We represented the Upstate of South Carolina with a moon, the view of mountains, and trees as a representation of a forest. The east coast line was represented with a sand bar and a wave crashing into the body of the water. There was a sunset over the ocean before transitioning into the midlands where our State House is located.

2021 Texas ornament


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Caldwell Arts Academy – Students in the Visual Arts classes started the Ornament project with a collaborative brainstorming. As a group, they discussed all the things that make Texas unique – from BBQ to tumbleweeds. After making a giant list, students began their preliminary sketches. When they were satisfied with their depiction of Texas, they moved on to their ornament paper, drawing lightly first, then finishing with colored pencil or watercolor. Our students truly enjoyed knowing their art will bring something beautiful to the state national tree.

2021 Washington ornament


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Harmony Elementary School – We are excited to represent Washington State on the 2021 National Cultural tree! Our class is a 5th grade class from Harmony Elementary School in the Mount Baker School District located in Whatcom County. It is a small, rural district that sits in the majestic foothills of Mt Baker in the Mt Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest. To the West we are surrounded by the bounty of the sea and to the East the evergreen rainforests and Cascade Mountains. Our class drew our inspiration from this diversity, as well as that of Eastern Washington’s agricultural heritage.

2021 Washington ornament


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Highland Community School – The Highland Community Schools fourth grade class would like to present their ornaments based on many of the amazing things that we love about Wisconsin. From breathtaking views to amazing architecture to famous people native to Wisconsin. Our fourth grade curriculm focuses on the study of Wisconsin’s history so it only seemed fitting to further that learning into the art room. We spent classtime researching and choosing topics that we could translate into beautiful visual art. The Highland fourth grade class hopes you enjoy their hardwork and love for all things Wisconsin.

2021 American Samoa Ornament

American Samoa

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Manulele Tausala Elementary School – Being a part of this year’s ornament making is indeed a great experience. As a teacher, such experienced reflected students’ creativity. The selected students are a mixture of boys and girls with their own learning abilities. Included in the crowd are students with special needs. It was evident that they enjoyed working on their ornaments along with their other peers. Students were inspired to draw pictures of what makes our territory beautiful including its state flower, mountains and bays, trees, sunset scenery, and waterfalls. Ornaments submitted are drawings of what makes our territory and students enjoyed spending time on it.

California 2021 Ornament


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Thousand Oaks Elementary – Our ornaments represent the beauty of many of the counties in California – capturing landmarks, historic structures, and current events. Each of our 25 fourth graders in our very diverse class, researched a county, decided what the felt best reflected it, and created their unique designs. They discovered information that increased their understanding and appreciation of our state – ranging from the devastating wildfires and the re-introduction of grey wolves to natural wonders and glorious landscape.

2021 Delaware Ornament


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Laurel Middle School – Within its modest 1,982 square miles Delaware has served as a geographical landmark for many events in our nation’s history. From being the first state to ratify the constitution in 1787, to being the home state of our current president, Mr. Joe Biden. Students at Laurel wanted to showcase that it is this, our history and geography, alongside its people that make Delaware beautiful. Students worked hard to represent our diverse state in just twenty-four ornaments. Our hope is that all Delawarean’s feel represented in this year’s National Tree Lighting, because being part of Delaware is a beautiful, tax free, thing

2021 Guam Ornament


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Our Lady of Guam – Each ornament design represents a unique characteristic of Guam’s tropical geographic location, history, indigenous culture, beliefs, customs, people, it’s food, flora and fauna. The colors and symbols in the ornaments are inspired by the clear blue aqua marine landscapes, tropical flowers, luscious green scenery, landmarks and most especially the experiences of the beautiful people who call Guam home.

2021 Indiana Ornament


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Danville North Elementary School – 24 2nd Grade KID-artists from Danville North Elementary based their ornament design on our treasured Indiana State symbols. These second-grade students proudly put pencils to paper after receiving this special opportunity to visually represent their home. Their art teacher and 2020 IN Teacher of the Year, Katie Pourcho, took this especially to heart as her own grandmother contributed an ornament representing Missouri in the 1980’s.

2021 Louisiana Ornament


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Washington Marion Magnet High – Louisiana is a state rich in so much culture from the food, music, architecture, and natural landscapes. Students from Washington Marion were truly inspired to use various media from color pencils, markers, pens, and pencils to depict the beauty of our great state, and home of Louisiana. Although our state has seen a lot of devastation in the past year, we still have so much to celebrate. Our students were selected across grade levels and interest levels to give their various depictions of Louisiana; the love for our state and its beauty runs deep. As we say in Louisiana, “Laissez Les Bons Temp Rouler” (Let The Good Times Roll)!!!

2021 Michigan Ornament


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Fair Plain Middle School – Benton Harbor, Michigan is located in Southwest Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan. The students who created these ornaments are from Fair Plain Middle School; grades 6-8. The students chose to represent the various Lighthouses of Michigan and discovered that there are 129 Lighthouses in Michigan – the most in the United States! The students used a digital program called Photopea for their designs. Photopea uses a variety of tools to create graphic designs. The students chose their specific Lighthouse and created a likeness of it using the tools of the digital program. We hope you enjoy their beautiful designs!

Montana 2021 Ornament


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Arlee School District – Our students were asked to design ornaments based on what makes Montana beautiful. They used a variety of mediums and students K-12 participated in creating their unique designs. Mountains, wildlife, and indigenous cultures were main themes seen throughout their artwork.

2021 New Jersey Ornament

New Jersey

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Durban Avenue School – First grade students at Durban Avenue School answered the question, “What do I love most about New Jersey?” through their ornament designs. First, they read a book to learn about the different geographic parts of our state as well as our state flag, flower, animal, and other aspects that make our state special. Each student then determined what they love the most about New Jersey and began drafting their design. The final design was created using crayons, colored pencils, and/or markers.

North Carolina 2021 Ornament

North Dakota

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Sheyenne High School – Our high school Graphic Design 1 class researched North Dakota history and tourism to showcase what makes our state special. They started by mind mapping and then turning their ideas into thumbnails. They then converted their sketches using Adobe Illustrator to digitally design the ornaments. The ages in this class range from 9th to 12th grade.

2021 Pennsylvania Ornament


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George W. Nebinger School – Nebinger Art Club students were inspired by many of the state symbols for Pennsylvania. Students observed images of the state tree- the Eastern hemlock, state bird- the ruffed grouse, state flower- the mountain laurel, and state animal- the white-tailed deer, as well as icons that are unique to Pennsylvania like Robert Indiana’s Love Statue and the Liberty Bell. Additionally, students were inspired by the hex designs of the Pennsylvania Dutch culture, landscapes in our state, and historical images like George Washington Crossing the Delaware River. Students were tasked with drawing and coloring their own interpretations of the images they observed.

2021 South Dakota Ornament

South Dakota

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Tri-Valley High School – South Dakota’s inspiration was the natural beauty that our state has to offer. We looked at the animals, sunsets and natural formations to help inspire our ornaments. We used a wide variety of materials from paint, to pens to colored pencils and markers to create our ornaments. We can only hope that we brought as much beauty to these ornaments as you can find in our great state.

2021 Utah Ornament


Read More Jean Massieu School of the Deaf – The Jean Massieu School of the Deaf serves Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in the Salt Lake City metro area. Students used colored pencils and markers to demonstrate what they loved about Utah. They love Salt Lake City, Temple Square, Arches National Park, the mountains, skiing, and the lakes and waterfalls. There is something here for everyone to love. Utah is a state of varied, beautiful landscapes and people!

2021 Washington, DC ornament

Washington, D.C.

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Eastern High School – Our ornaments are inspired by world renowned Washington Color School painter and DC Public Schools Art Educator, Alma Thomas. Alma Thomas was famous for her colorful abstract paintings of Washington, DC. Similar to Ms. Thomas’s process, students chose locations in DC that inspired them and created abstract backgrounds in watercolor. Next, students used the gel medium image transfer process to collage an image of their chosen location on to their watercolor paintings. Last, students enhanced details of the image with oil pastel.

2021 Wyoming ornament


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Eastside Elementary School – This is a 6th grade art class at Eastside Elementary School in Rock Springs, Wy that meets once a week. They had the option to work in groups of 2 or individually to create their ornaments. The theme they used was “What makes your state beautiful?” and showed what they love about the state. Students created images of state flowers and animals along with wonderful examples of natural formations that make Wyoming a great place. Some created images showing cultures present in Wyoming. All students had a choice to use colored pencils, markers, or paint for their designs

2021 Arizona Ornament


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Nogales High School – Our ornaments are a representation of the culture, lifestyles, and things that are emblematic of our beautiful state of Arizona. Our goal was to capture the beauty and different aspects of living in Arizona. Many of the ornaments were inspired by personal life experiences. The students involved in the project are all Hispanic and reside along the US/Mexican border, therefore many designs were also inspired by life living on the border. Artistic methods that were used include blending techniques with media such as colored pencils, watercolors, and acrylic paints. The students enjoyed and are appreciative of this opportunity.

2021 Colorado Ornament


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Merino School – Merino is a rural town with a population of 310. The K-12 school is the heart of the town. Because of our rural locale and our passion for the outdoors, we are uniquely suited to showcase colorful Colorado. Students from nine to nineteen show the breadth and beauty of Colorado. From mountains to meadows, mining to mesas, bison to butterflies and everything in between. See, in the ornaments, our geography, our wildlife, our outdoor sports, even part of our Native American heritage. Colorado is truly beautiful and Merino students know it and show it.

2021 DoDEA Ornament

Department of Defense Education Activity

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Department of Defense Education Activity – The Department of Defense Education Activity’s 160 schools are in 11 countries, 7 US states and 2 US territories, spanning 21 time zones around the world. Our 67,000 students are children of military families, and these ornaments reflect their unique life experiences. Military-connected children face a number of challenges – frequent moves, multiple schools, parents who may deploy to far flung corners of the globe, but they are resilient, adaptive and able to overcome just about anything that comes along!

2021 Hawaii Ornament


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Mckinley High School – Students were inspired by what makes Hawai’i unique and drew from their own experiences living in Hawaii. Students reflected on the natural beauty and species of Hawaii which included native birds and sea turtles. Students also drew inspiration from the diverse cultures and landscapes in Hawai’i. Through a variety of art mediums, students drew, painted, and colored their understanding of what makes Hawai’i special to them.

2021 Iowa Ornament


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Johnston High School – In preparation of creating their designs, students were encouraged to reflect upon the question “What makes your state beautiful?” As you can see by the varied designs, the students had different perspectives and ideas about what makes Iowa beautiful, from the natural Iowa prairie and wildlife to the downtown city scene. The students used a variety of artistic methods to create their designs, including drawing, digital illustration, and photography.

2021 Maine Ornament


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Bangor High School – Seniors of Bangor High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Academy were given freedom to choose the media and subject for their response to the prompt: “What makes Maine beautiful?” Students used paint, pen and ink, marker, colored pencil, digital drawing programs and more to express themselves. Their work celebrates the beauty of Maine’s people, landscape, and diverse flora and fauna.

2021 Minnesota Ornament


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St. Alphonsus Catholic School – This year, our Extended Day students participated in the ornament design. Our Extended Day serves students in Kindergarten – 8th grade after school. Every student received the opportunity to create an ornament. We had about 20 ornaments submitted and we picked 8 of them to send off to the National Tree Ornament Program. Our students were so excited to represent Minnesota in this project!

2021 Nebraska Ornament


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Cody Elementary – Nebraska has the most breathtaking sky in the country. When entering into Nebraska, our Welcome sign simply states, “The Good Life.” We wanted to showcase the simple; yet, beautiful side of Nebraska. Thoughtfully created by a group of proud Second Graders from North Platte, Nebraska.

2021 New Mexico Ornament

New Mexico

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New Mexico School for the Arts – Inspired by New Mexico’s impressive landscapes and diverse cultures, NMSA’s Senior Visual Arts Department students, who come from all over the state of New Mexico, created a series of ornaments that celebrates the landscape and culture of the desert southwest. Collectively, their ornament artwork features mesas, mountains, wildlife, wide vistas, and a fun blend of our distinct cultures, agriculture and industries, mythologies, and pastimes. They were delighted to take part and to share what they think is special about New Mexico.

2021 Ohio Ornament


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Shawnee Local Schools – The ornaments represented here have been created by student artists from drawing, painting and sculpture/ceramics classes here in Lima, Ohio. Student artists took their inspiration from nature and our surrounding community. We are a predominantly rural community with an abundance of deer, birds and fish. The changing seasons always make for beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the Midwest. We hope you enjoy their interpretation of our state.

2021 Puerto Rico Ornament

Puerto Rico

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Dr. Francisco Hernández y Gaetán School – This series of designs created by students from Puerto Rico represent themes that identify us as a country. Like the Taino ancestors who bequeathed us the hammock to rest and the snail, that when blowing it emits an unmistakable sound. The small “Coqui” frog, and the “Carey”, “Peje Blanco” and “Tingular” turtles. The manatees, and the roosters that sing from the top of the mountain where boa’s tangle in the trees. Parrots, streets of Old San Juan, “vejigantes”, and the beauty of the Puerto Rican woman make our island a unique place. Each design includes our beautiful flag, and the “garita” provides the perfect scenery to see it fluttering in the wind.

2021 U.S. Virgin Islands Ornament

United States Virgin Islands

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St. Croix Educational Complex High School – The United States Virgin Islands is known for its beautiful waters. The islands border both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This year, the art students of the St. Croix Educational Complex High School wanted to celebrate the distinguished marine life found in the waters surrounding the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. The students’ art depicts marine life, such as the green turtle, the loggerhead turtle, angelfish, barracuda, groupers, angelfish, butterflyfish, and parrotfish.

2021 vermont ornament


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Colchester High School – We are all students in Mrs. Rosato’s classes. We are multilingual learners who have made Vermont our home. We are also her home base students who have families with deep roots in Vermont. We believe the state of Vermont is beautiful during all seasons and our inspiration comes from the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain. At the heart of Vermont is the dairy farm and cows so we have depicted these landscapes as well. Vermont maple syrup is the best so we included images of maple trees. The fall foliage is spectacular and we captured the colors with an ombre blending technique. We also paid respect to our state flag, the state flower and state bird.

2021 West Virgina ornament

West Virginia

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Robert L. Bland Middle School – The Students at Robert L. Bland Middle School in Weston, West Virginia created our ornaments with the theme “What makes West Virginia Beautiful.” The students created a variety of different subject matter and mediums to capture our state’s beauty. You will see representations of our state’s wildlife like the Black Bear and Cardinal, to our state landmarks like the New River Gorge Bridge, the Trans – Alleghany Lunatic Asylum, and our mountainous landscapes.

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