Joyous String Quartet

Joyous String Quartet was launched in 2010. At the outset, the quartet comprised four 5-year-old string players, making it a string quartet with the youngest performers in history. Justin Yu, who is 9 years old this year, has been the key personality of the quartet. In addition to Justin, the other three players of the quartet are also equipped with superior skills. The 9-year-old violinists Mickayla Jia and Tyler Lau are now first and second violinist respectively in New York International Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. The 11-year-old bass player Brendon is proficient in both the double bass and the piano. Julian Yu, director of the orchestra and SONY-BMG Musician employs creative teaching methods and various forms of music to enhance Joyous String Quartet’s power of expression and their level of performance. He has composed and arranged for the Quartet a series of very unique performance pieces that impart a whole new experience and sensation for the audience.